A Response to Night of the Scorpion and Sacrifice Essay

A Response to Night of the Scorpion and Sacrifice Essay

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A Response to Night of the Scorpion and Sacrifice

Both Nissim Ezekien and Taufiq Rafat are writing the poem from the
point of view of a older person living in the western world looking
back at the culture that hey were brought up in and the differences in
ways of life and beliefs.

"Sacrifice" tells the story of how a goat was slaughtered to bless a
house about to be built and the struggle that a young onlooker is
having comprehending why it is happening. "Night Of The Scorpion" also
accounts a young boy watching his mother suffering from a scorpion
sting and all the attempts to save her.

Both poems are written by people that seem outside of the culture that
they are placed in and with hindsight are opposed to these dated
systems and Rafat feels empathy towards the goat that is being
slaughtered. Both the poems also show that both of the young observers
are naive and do not fully understand what is happening and why. The
poets show that through their naivety children can ask searching
questions that adults, who have become apathetic to the inhumanity
through the years, choose to ignore.

Both poets effectively use imagery to get the reader involved in the
poem. In" sacrifice" the blood is descried as being like a "geyser"
which conjures up images of gushing blood being spurted out to a great
distance. The poet also tells us how "keenly" the knife cuts, which
make the reader, think of a sharp knife easily cutting through the
flesh leaving a clean almost surgical cut. In the "Night Of The
Scorpion" there is "mud bricked walls" which conjure up images of an
African village secluded in a dry landscape living a traditional

... middle of paper ...

...hey were often used
in religion and in earlier time would also be sacrificed and is
highlighting the fact that a culture saw one murder as barbaric but
another as completely normal. The poet then describes the foundations
as another "Dachau" which was a German death camp and makes the reader
think about the fact that both were killings to supposedly help build
a strong home but the difference being scale. It also shows the poet
is using hindsight because he can now see the similarities but as a
child could not.

Both poems seem to highlight the difference between a Childs view of
the world and an adult and understand how children can have insight
into things taken for granted by adults. "Night Of The Scorpion" also
shows how far a mother is willing to go to save her children, even
being glad that she died instead.

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