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Child Directed Speech

What is Child Directed Speech? It is the theory of language
development of young children aged between 1 year old and 4 years old.
There are three key features in the development of child speech:


· Speak slower, clearer pronunciation

· More pauses, especially between phrases and sentences

· Higher pitch

· Exaggerated intonation and stress


· Simpler, more restricted vocabulary

· Diminutive forms (e.g. 'doggie')

· Concrete language, referring to objects in the child's immediate


· Simpler constructions

· Frequent use of imperatives

· High degree of repetition

· Frequent questions

· Use of personal names instead of pronouns (e.g. 'Mummy' not 'I').

The effects of child speech; phonological development is used as a way
to progressively build up a child speech development, simple
constructions and vocabulary gradually increase a child's need to
speak. Slow speech and exaggerated tones of voice become less
demanding and more interesting for a child to hear. When a child
speaks, a parent should always be ready to expand on a child's speech;
For example:

''All gone'' à''that's right you've eaten all up…''

Introduction of new words encourages familiar sentence frames and a
development in language acquisition of new vocabulary.

Bruner, J.K. (1983) - puts language acquisition into a social context:

L.A.S.S. (Language Acquisition Support System) - parental guidance.

Bruner said: ''Children learn to use language initially to get what
they want, to play games, to stay connected with those upon ...

... middle of paper ...

...issing? - The functional words which bind these
contemporary linguistic features together.

One word Stage - (1 yr - 18mths) Holophrases,> Conveys a more complex
message, accompanied by intonation and gesture.

Two Word Stage - (18mths - 24 mths)>

''Mummy Read!'' Subj Verb

''Draw Doggie'' Verd Obj

''Suzy juice '' Subj Obj

''Daddy busy'' Subj Comp.

All of the above sentences contain some sequence of grammatical
structure. Also these words are all assembled in the correct
grammatical order. However function words are usually ommited.

Use of intonation/gesture needed to know how the sentences are to be
expressed, whether they are commands, visual observation etc. Research
in 1973 by Bloom observed that sentences can be used to express more
than one meaning. Caused by missing inflectional affixes.

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