The Reasons Hitler Became Chancellor Essay

The Reasons Hitler Became Chancellor Essay

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The Reasons Hitler Became Chancellor

After over ten years of trying, in 1933 Hitler and the Nazis had
almost fulfilled their goal to hold all power in Germany. The Nazis
were by far the most powerful party in the Reichstag holding the most
seats, and Hitler being made Chancellor, but it wasn't that simple, in
fact it was very complicated. There were several big contributors to
Hitler becoming Chancellor.

The Great Depression, one the worst times for Germany, and countries
across the world. Germany was the worst hit country because America
had to recall it's big loans it had given Germany as they could no
longer afford it, this meant Germany could not afford to reparations
to the allies. Germany was running at half it's normal production so
that made things even worse. Six and a half million people were
unemployed at the time and one third of the population were living off
Government benefit, which also meant less money to pay the allies.
With thirty-five parties in the Reichstag the Nazis were by far the
strongest. This opportunity though gave Hitler a chance to make the
Nazi party even stronger. Hitler capitalised in on the working class
and he unemployed during The Great Depression, as it was these people
it most affected. A lot of people also voted for the Nazis because
they didn't want communists to be in power so they saw the Nazis as a
way of getting rid of them. The Nazis saw their votes rise to
6,000,000 by 1933.

The Nazis saw the ever-growing weakness in the Weimar Republic and
they used this to their advantage in attacking their policies and
ruling. The main things the Nazis attacked in on were their reluctance

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...Von Schleicher finally has to admit defeat in raising
support in the Reichstag. He has to resign.

30th January - Hindenburg want von Papen back but is advised that
reappointing such an unpopular Chancellor might trigger a movement
against Hindenburg himself. Von Papen convinces Hindenburg that as
long as there were only a limited amount of Nazis in the Cabinet, then
even with Hitler as Chancellor the most extreme Nazis policies could
be resisted. He also warns that the alternative is a Nazis revolt and
a civil war. Hindenburg had no choice but to appoint Hitler as
Chancellor and appoints Von Papen as Vice-Chancellor.

It may have taken a long time for Hitler to become Chancellor and a
lot of niggling but once he was there he was then in control of German
even with the Reichstag and President Hindenburg still around.

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