Report on a Group Research Project Essay

Report on a Group Research Project Essay

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Report on a Group Research Project


In an age of information, people have an increasing number of options
to access media for entertainment and information. Yet radio remains
to be one of the most accessible and cost-effective conventional
media, especially for people with limited financial resources such as
university students. However, according to the cursory observation of
the researchers of this project, the radio listening patterns of and
their effects on university students have not been adequately
addressed. Therefore, this research project attempts to look into both
the radio listening habits and music acquisition behaviors of students
in Stirling University and, where possible, to identify the
co-relation between the two sets of behavioral patterns. The findings
of the research provide fairly clear patterns on both the radio
listening and music acquisition behaviors with some definite
co-relations between them. As an empirical research assignment of the
Media Research Methods course, another purpose for this project is to
utilize and test the basic research techniques that the researchers
have learnt in class so as to pave the way for their future academic
researches. Therefore, the last section of this report is devoted to
the reflections on the project in different perspectives.


The research has been conducted in a form of a series of
questionnaire-guided one-on-one interviews of Stirling University
students on both campus and students residences. The planned sample
size is 100 with a balanced gender make-up. Taking into consideration
the factor of cultural proximit...

... middle of paper ... radio listening is the most predominant form
of media exposure among students of UK origin in the University of
Stirling due to its high accessibility. Radio One distinguishes itself
as the most popular station among Stirling Students, also commanding
the highest level of Listener loyalty. Local stations show a lower
level of listener loyalty. BBC Scotland has a small but loyalty
listenership thanks to its good sports programmes. Radio has
established its presence as a medium for music and entertainment but
failed to identify itself as a major news and advertising medium among
students in the Unviersity of Stirling. The predominant means of music
acquisition among Stirling students is through CD purchasing at music
stores. Radio demonstrates the strongest influence on music purchasing
decisions of Stirling students.

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