The Pros and Cons of Obtaining Great Wealth Suddenly Essay

The Pros and Cons of Obtaining Great Wealth Suddenly Essay

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Obtaining Great Wealth Suddenly

Wealth. Most of us dream of it, many of us strive for it, fewer obtain
it, and fewer of us still actually bask in it. When it comes to the
argument of whether obtaining vast fortune, the viewpoints can be
numerous as the boundlessly vibrant ways in which the fortune could be

Since the introduction of the National Lottery on the 19th November
1993 (it was sanctioned by parliament a year and one month prior to
this), big-money-winning and the acquisition of monstrous wealth has
been something that has been embedded into the 'norm' of our culture;
which in itself is surprising given the miniscule amounts of people
who actually win such fantastical fortunes. In correlation to this
increasing familiarity to how a scanty slip of paper can change your
life forever, the droves of people asking themselves, "What would I do
if I won the lottery tomorrow?" have inevitably multiplied.

Obviously it is not just through the National Lottery that people come
to obtain such fortunes as they have, but it is the most pertinent and
relatable way - not all of us can boast that we have found catacombs
under the shed in the garden, guarding garners of Roman gold; likewise
few can advertise Aunty Agnus leaving them a sultry fortune. However
wealth is obtained, the pitfalls and profits remain the same.

And indeed, it is with the pitfalls that we begin - the ugly side to
obtaining a fortune. It is the aspect that we all hear about, but the
one that we oh-so-rarely acknowledge. The dictionary claims that money
is simply a medium of exchange and little more; but it a medium of

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...y use
it. Naturally, for every Richard Branson who has invested wisely, but
has also used money positively in many ways, there is going to be an
MC Hammer, who frittered his fortune and ended up filing for
bankruptcy three years after obtaining his millions.

It is only possible to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of
obtaining great wealth, it is folly to claim whether it is 'good' or
'bad'. For when all is said and done, only one thing becomes clear
when looking at the evidence put before us concerning such a nebulous
issue; money can not tell you how to live your life, it can not take
charge of your life, nor can it spend itself wisely for you - give
money to the sensible and it will contribute to a happy life -
possible an Eden, give it to the reckless and it will succeed in
nothing but build a Babylon.

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