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Mass Media Comparison Essay

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Mass Media Comparison

Mass media are methods of communicating to a vast amount of people
around the world. Mass Media means things such as Television, Radio,
Newspapers, Internet, Magazines etc; they are a means of communication
to people. The mass media have a few main functions, which include
informing, educating and entertaining you.

In this assignment I am going to compare two articles from two
different type of papers, a tabloid and a broadsheet. I am going to us
'The Sun' as my tabloid and 'The Guardian' as my broadsheet.

A tabloid newspaper is a newspaper that is relatively small in size
compared to a broadsheet, and it tends to have shorter stories and
more photographs than a broadsheet. It usually contains little
politics and other serious global issues however it contains more
showbiz and sport than a broadsheet and it also contains some national
news. It is aimed at the working class and it costs 20p.

On the other hand a broadsheet has very big pages and longer stories
but less photographs. It contains more national and international
news, politics and war etc and it also covers sport and showbiz
although not in much detail as the tabloids. It is aimed at the middle
to working class and is priced at 45p. I will use the stereotypes of
these newspapers to see how it affects the articles and I will also be
comparing the language, headings, sub-headings photos, fonts etc.

Firstly I will describe the story.

The story is about a man named Alan Hobbs who killed one woman
(Gillian Harvey) and two men (Peter Smith, Ian Brown) with an axe,
knife and chisel. The two men had been with the woman in a love
triangle. He ...

... middle of paper ...

...e Sun also has more slang because its target
audience uses slang a lot while the Guardian's audience use Standard

There was much more detail in the Guardian while The Sun had a lot of
irrelevant text. The Guardian was well constructed and the photos were
better although I think that The Sun's heading was much better because
it told you a lot about the article and the photo of the weapons made
the story even more gruesome. Tabloid readers just want to know the
story flat out and that's it, while broadsheet readers want to know
about the story from every angle. Overall a broadsheet reader will
have a better understanding of the story than a tabloid reader
although a tabloid reader will get better photographs and more gossip
about the story because tabloids like gossiping while broadsheets are
dead serious.

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