Essay about Improving Health in the Primary Care Setting

Essay about Improving Health in the Primary Care Setting

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Improving Health in the Primary Care Setting

"I order to improve health in the primary care setting you need to
work collaboratively with others"

Throughout the discussion I will analyze the above statement
highlighting the professional issues raised, involving the nurse
working in the primary care setting. Within this I will distinguish
exactly what primary care is and the relation to the importance of
collaboration in this particular setting. Leading onto how we/nurses
collaborate in primary care. I will also investigate what a clients
roll is in the promotion of the populations health. Included within
this are recent policies applicable to this setting. To conclude I
will critical analyze examples of my own personal experience in the
primary care situation, analyzing the competencies and inequalities
that I feel occurred, linking to the appropriate theories to practice.

Primary care is basically, care that is based within the community. It
has been stated that although the view of primary care being, care for
the chronically disabled and mild self limited disorders it has
evolved to be at least as complex and diverse as in hospital care.
Primary care is however difficult to define but according to the World
Health Organization (1978) it is the provision of health services for
individuals, the family and the community… bringing health care as
close as possible to where people live and work and constitutes the
first element of continuing the health care process. Primary care has
been distinguished as having three main sectors and these are
Preventative Care, Intermediate Care, and also Accute Care. " Working
within the prim...

... middle of paper ...

...f agencies to provide a whole service. According
to DOH (2002) primary care should aim to work within a collaborative
model "This approach is a proven method of spreading and adapting
existing knowledge to multiple sites to achieve a common aim". Working
within a collaborative practice provides participants with a set of
principles, ideas and actions that will lead to improvements.
"Collaboration is not only useful but essential to providing high
quality, seemless health care" Stated Cook (2002). According to Steel
(1999) "Collaboration implies partnership". From these statements it
is possible to conclude that a basic meaning for collaboration is
teamwork. In the health profession it is the multi disciplinary team
working together to meet the needs of a individual whether these needs
are social, physical or emotional.

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