Essay about Social Class and Ethnic Inequalities in Education

Essay about Social Class and Ethnic Inequalities in Education

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Social Class and Ethnic Inequalities in Education

Raising Standards for all

During recent years, Local Education Authorities have made great

progress in improving the educational attainment of, and equality of

opportunity for, their minority ethnic pupils. The Government will
shortly be

taking funding decisions which may have a profound impact on Local
Education Authorities, and

ultimately schools, ability to continue making such improvements.

The Local Government Association's High Ethnicity Authorities' Special

Interest Group is campaigning for the continued recognition of the

funding required to support the needs of ethnically diverse
communities in the

distribution of resources to local authorities.

Adequate funding must be available for those local education

authorities with high numbers of pupils from minority ethnic groups.

Without this commitment, schools cannot succeed in giving all pupils

an equal chance of achieving their full potential.


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