How Hitler Became Chancellor in 1933 Essay

How Hitler Became Chancellor in 1933 Essay

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How Hitler Became Chancellor in 1933

On 30th January 1933 Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor by
President Hindenburg. This was truly a day of pure luck for Hitler and
was merely the end result of a variety of reasons that contributed to
his attainment of this title. Historians are able to categorise these
reasons into three areas; Nazi Strengths (Hitler's speaking skills,
propaganda, violent treatment of the opposition, Nazi policies and the
stab in the back theory), Opposition Weaknesses (failure to deal with
the depression and failure to co-operate) and finally Other Factors
(effects of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany and memories of
hyperinflation). In my opinion Nazi policies, the opposition's failure
to co-operate and the effects of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany
are the most critical factors behind Hitler achieving the title of
Chancellor in 1933.

Upon becoming a member of the Nazi Party in 1919, Hitler converted
them into an election-winning machine. The strengths of the Nazi party
was a major aspect as to why Hitler became Chancellor, as by 1932 the
party were the biggest in the Reichstag proving he was popular with
the German public. Hitler's popularity was one of the reasons why
President Hindenburg made him Chancellor in 1933. One of the factors
that made the nazi's a strong organisation was Hitler's fantastic
speaking skills. He is known as one of the greatest communicators of
all time, as he understood exactly how to get people to listen to him.
All of his speeches would begin slowly and calmly but by the end he
would be screaming and shouting. Hitler was not only a good
communicator in this way, but als...

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... Nazi policies, the
oppositions failure to co-operate and the effects of the Treaty of
Versailles on Germany. All of the factors increased support for him
and made him a popular politician, which enabled him to be in the
position to be invited into power in 1933. The day of 30th January was
simply pure luck for Hitler and is not important in understanding why
he came into power, as if it would not have been then it would have
been soon after. Hindenburg's underestimation of Hitler was basically
the spark that allowed Hitler to come to power, much like the
assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand was the spark that
engineered the 1st World War. If it would not have been these actions
it would have been another. Overall Hitler's intelligence and the
weaknesses of the opposition allowed him to become Chancellor in 1933.

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