Essay on Causes of The Outbreak of the American Civil War

Essay on Causes of The Outbreak of the American Civil War

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Causes of The Outbreak of the American Civil War

The deep south had strong opinions on issues on which the south had
other feeling on, one of the main issues was that of slavery. The
north had an obvious disagreement with the south over the issue of
slavery, this started at the very beginning of the union with the
south saying that slaves had been used for years in ancient Greece and
Rome. Southerners felt that it was a more distinguished way of life
and thought that the north did not like the idea of slavery as they
were more interested in saving the money for themselves. Abolitionists
formed a group, at first they were a group of middle class women who
thought that they were helping a good cause, this was later followed
by groups of politicians and other men in high status's. Abolitionists
were feared by the south and stories were told by the press of how
they were trying to take the slaves away from the south and were
attempting to start a slave rebellion. The south did not realise that
many abolitionists were still racist and a man names Garrison, who was
an extreme and controversial abolitionist scared the south as his view
on slavery was that it was a sin and he wanted told abolition. The
south feared that if the black slaves were to become free, that a race
war would start and whites might become inferior to the blacks.

Other issues connected to slavery which helped the start the break out
of civil war, was the topic of expansion. Many people felt that the
federal government had no control over which territories would become
free and which would become slave, this caused much tension between
North and South as neither knew h...

... middle of paper ...

...ook at immigrants but also at the slavery issue. The
know nothings were a secret society and were involved strongly in
northern politics. The next president was Buchanan , he was a
northerner with southern sympathies, when the North had a financial
slump Buchanan did nothing to help, this was seen by the north as him
being biased towards the south.

The south wanted to split from the union and Lincoln was left with the
situation of sorting it out, the south had not listened to him and
were not prepared to find out what he was speaking about or what is
policies were, they were also unwilling to listen to Douglas whom they
supported. When they heard that Lincoln had become president many
succeeded, the north did not believe this to be true and felt it was a
bluff and soon the states would all be back in the union again.

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