Essay on Impact of Childhood Obesity on Learning and Health

Essay on Impact of Childhood Obesity on Learning and Health

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This essay will identify and discuss the specific health issue of obesity in young children, how it effects young children's learning and how various professionals and agencies are tackling this issue in the modern day. It will also include how poverty and inequality can have a significant impact on this health issue.

The Oxford English Dictionary describes obesity as:

Obese /'bis/ a. very fat. Obesity (p301 oxford mini dictionary)

Where as the NHS defines it as

'… excess body fat for a given height and gender' (

Although it appears that there is not any one definitive definition
for obesity, obesity in young children is steadily on the increase
especially it seems within young children. Research recently carried
out by the National Audit Office reported that

'Obesity levels in England have almost tripled in the last 20 years.
Nearly two thirds of men and more than half of women are overweight or
obese and it is an increasing problem among children.'

In past decades a child which was 'plump' or 'chubby' would be
considered a healthy strong child which would be able to withstand
infections and such. However it now appears that children who are
overweight are becoming a major cause for concern amongst the health
care profession, especially within early childhood. The British
Medical Journal revealed that 'More than one in five of Britain's
under fours are overweight and one in 10 are classed as clinically
obese.' Confirming that

... middle of paper ...

...ty regardless ethnicity. Indeed
the Government's commitment to opening the Sure Start Programme in
areas of disadvantage appear to be a step in the right direction in
combating the equalities within children's health.


This essay has identified how obesity is on the increase in the UK and
the effects this can have upon young children. It is fair to say that
many factors appear to contribute to this problem from advertising to
current lifestyles and that inequality; particularly poverty has a
significant bearing.

Hopefully with the new government schemes like The School Fruit Scheme
and Sure Start along with schools and other agencies informing parents
about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise these inequalities
will start to eliminate and the health of children will improve.

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