Essay about Birth Order Personality Traits

Essay about Birth Order Personality Traits

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Birth Order Personality Traits

It is easy to wonder how two children from the same family can turn
out so differently, with completely different personalities and ways
of solving problems. Recognizing the immense influence of family
dynamics on young children can clear up a lot of the confusion. For
example, eldest children look to their parents as role models for
their behavior, and may become perfectionistic as parents expect them
to act like little adults. Middle children may become more dependent
on peer approval and their friends because they tend to get relatively
less attention within their families. And youngest children may use
humor as a way of securing their parents' attention.

However, birth order actually plays a subtler role than the above
examples may suggest. Not all middle children are very gregarious and
social, and not all youngest children play the clown. Before assuming
that because your middle child is a perfectionist, birth order cannot
play a role in your family, you should take a look at some of the
factors that may influence how birth order affects your family. Most
important is the spacing of children. If children are more than five
years apart, it is more like the parents have two separate families
than as if they have two children, an oldest and a youngest. You can
expect your ten-year-old to act like an only child, your
three-year-old like another oldest child in the family, and your
one-year-old to act like the youngest. This is because birth order
influences personality the most during the first five years of life.
By the same token, if a child is adopted after the age of five, he or
she will...

... middle of paper ...

...y had to be home at 10:30 at the
same age. Youngest children are often doted on by their parents.
However, because they are small, they usually learn to be either an
entertainer or someone who stays out of family conflicts, because they
are too little to be powerful players in the family. To parent
youngest children more effectively, recognize their accomplishments
(even though a graduation from primary school may be old hat to you
now) and try to stick by your rules.

Not all families are alike, and there are certainly other factors that
influence how your child will grow and develop. Good rules and a lot
of love remain essential ingredients of good parenting. Understanding
birth order, however, will help you become more aware of each of your
children's individual circumstances, and help you tailor your

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