The Effect of Temperature on the Action of Protease on Photographic Film

The Effect of Temperature on the Action of Protease on Photographic Film

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The Effect of Temperature on the Action of Protease on Photographic Film

Aim: to show the effect of temperature on the action of protease on
photographic film

Prediction: I predict that as the temperature of the enzyme increases,
so will the rate of reaction. However, I only predict this until a
certain temperature and beyond perhaps 60(optimum temperature) the
enzyme will stop working as well and both the enzyme and the substrate
will become slightly deformed.

As the temperature rises, molecules move much faster and as a result
have more energy. This means that they will be more likely to collide
so overall increasing the temperature will increase the chances of
successful collisions.

However with enzymes at the temperature of perhaps 70-75 degrees,
their protein structure will break down and their shape may become
slightly deformed. This means that they won't be able to fit into the
substrate anymore, slowing down the reaction and eventually stopping

Preliminary experiment

In order to familiarise myself with the experiment, I did some
preliminary work. I carried out the exact same experiment that I am
hoping to do for my final experiment. I measured up 10cm3 of protease
enzyme using a syringe (an accurate form of measurement) and placed it
in a test tube. I then placed this in a water bath of the required
temperature for 3 minutes before placing in the photographic film, to
bring it up to the necessary temperature. The stop watch was switched
on and the photographic film was then placed in the test tube,
attached to a splint and was taken every now and again to check if the
film had turned transparent. Once...

... middle of paper ...

...fect of temperature of the action of a
different protease, say pepsin on a photographic film. This is
because; I could then compare the effect of a bacterial enzyme against
a human one.

I could also use a wider range of temperatures, to add detail and to
be able to draw a more accurate graph based on the results. In
addition I could investigate more temperature around the optimum
temperature, to find the exact temperature at which the enzyme is most

In order to make the results more reliable I could also do more
repeats, or do repeats in separate test tubes, unlike the experiment
that I carried out. Both repeats were in the same test tube, which
means they could be classed as not repeats, however If I were to carry
out repeats in two different test tubes, I would get similar results

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