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Child Soldiers

I killed for the first time when we captured a soldier near the
bridge. My commander ordered me to do it. They tied him up and laid
him on the ground. I cut that b*tch's throat with my bayonet. I
enjoyed it, and my men opened fire in the air to celebrate. They
treated me like a hero." (Fazil, nine year-old volunteer, Afghanistan)

There are, literally, thousands of other pre-teen and teenaged
children affected by first-hand effects of war, as young soldiers. In
October of 2001, the New York Times recorded an Afghani provisional
commander, Fazil Ahmend Azimi, announcing that "it's been three
decades of our (Afghani) people going backward in terms of education.
We have young boys that are more familiar with a Kalashnikov than with
school." These young boys, trained for as young as eight years of age
have been regimented through highly military-like manners, as many
have quoted their "Kalashnikov culture".

The usage of adolescent warriors is not an uncharted issue with
Afghanistan, as countless under-aged yet armed forces fought against
the Soviet, during time of their invasion. Ever since the invasion,
young combatants have remained within strong, war-fighting size and
capacity. Newer reports released from the Coalition to Stop the Use of
Child Soldiers have proven that the continuous and illegal recruitment
of children by the several conflict-based organizations. These include
the Taliban, Northern Alliance and other many other, more minor, rebel
groups. . The Northern Alliance has documented records recruiting
children as young as 11 to fight alongside Taliban, even though the
Northern Alliance "follows" strict...

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...oldiers, but are reported to use the madrasa system to ensure new
young recruits to fill their ranks. The Taliban rely on these schools,
in Afghanistan and abroad, to find young, vulnerable children to
indoctrinate with the Taliban ideology. Technically, madrasas are
informal educational institutions that are intended to serve poor
students. However, some madrasas are "run by different religious
sects, political parties and factions affiliated to warring factions
in Afghanistan, Jammu, and Kashmir." While the Taliban claim to rely
on "voluntary" recruitment, they are also believed to have demanded
certain numbers of new recruits from particular villages or force
individuals to buy their exemption. The Taliban has not used girls as
soldiers, but the Coalition reports that there have been forced
marriages of young girls.

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