The Roles of Water in Living Organisms and as an Environment for the Organisms

The Roles of Water in Living Organisms and as an Environment for the Organisms

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The Roles of Water in Living Organisms and as an Environment for the Organisms

Without water there would be no life on Earth; this is why water is
the most important biochemical of all.

In "Human Biology" by J.M Orten and O.W. Nevhans, it is suggested that
70% of all body weight is water, most of which is found in three major
compartments: 70% intracellular fluid, 20% interstitial fluid (lymph)
and 7% blood plasma, and only 3% in other compartments. By volume,
nearly a half of each of our organs consist of water; amounting to
approximately 10 gallons of water, of which most is in our cells.

Water is crucial for cells to function healthily and for all chemical
reactions and transport processes to occur. Water is responsible for
maintaining cell structure, aiding metabolism and helping the
circulation of blood and bodily fluids; water is also responsible for
removing bodily waste through excretion.

Water is effective in neutralising the blood, for example, if the
blood is too acidic it is likely the body will suffer fr...

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