I Remember When - Personal Narrative Essay

I Remember When - Personal Narrative Essay

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I Remember When - Personal Narrative

It was the first weekend in September. The summer holidays were over,
and the schools had started back. I was on the beach for the first
time after a long week at work.

As Stratton was such a small Cornish town, there were very few people
on the beach. My next-door neighbour and drinking partner, Hamish
Pengelly was just leaving the beach after walking his dog, Graham
Smith; the new owner of Stratton Manor was on the beach watching his
son, Charlie, playing in a rubber dingy in the water. Also, Samantha
Creeme, the mechanic for the nearest town, Bude, was on lifeguard

It was one of those pleasant days where it was warm, but quite windy.
It had become slightly windier as the day approached mid afternoon,
but it was bearable. I sat at the edge of the beach in my fleece
reading a Dorothy Dunnet novel.

I probably would have stayed in this position for the rest of the day,
if it weren't for a faint shriek I could hear coming from the

I looked up from my book and I could see Charlie Smith, rapidly being
dragged out by the current, waving his arms and the air and shouting
recklessly for help.

Stratton is famous for its currents. Only one person has died here in
the past decade, but before the lifeguard system had been developed,
the numbers were much higher. The strength of the current was due to
the canal, which creates a massive rip tide, so the beach has to have
permanent supervision during the warmer months.

In the distance, I could see Samantha Creeme dragging her life
surfboard to the waters edge. I instinctively ran down the lower beach
to where Graham ...

... middle of paper ...

...sisted that she would be able to paddle back on her
surfboard, as she was specially trained for this type of a situation.

The paddle back was much more strenuous than the paddle there, as this
time we had to fight against the current. But something, I don't know
what, probably adrenalin, kept us moving on. It felt as though my arms
were going to fall off, but all the time, I kept thinking to myself,
'You have to keep moving on. Lives are at steak here.'

We finally reached the shore. Somebody must have seen what was going
on, as when we reached the waters edge, a towel was immediately
wrapped around each of us, and we were all taken off to an ambulance.
I looked back from the top of the beach, as I remembered that Samantha
must have still been fighting her way back against the waves. But, she
was nowhere to be seen.

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