The Differing Methods And Aims Of Malcolm X And Martin Luther King Essay

The Differing Methods And Aims Of Malcolm X And Martin Luther King Essay

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The Differing Methods And Aims Of Malcolm X And Martin Luther King

The methods of Malcolm X and martin Luther King were very different
but they shared the same basic aim, to improve the lives of black
Americans. Possibly these differences in both aims and methods comes
from the differences in the way they were raised, Malcolm X was born
Marcus Little in Omah, Nebr. Malcolm X's father was a follower of
Marcus Garvey (Garvey believed that Black Americans should go back to
Africa and establish Political and economic ties with Africa) 1n 1931
Malcolm's father was found dead after being run over, Malcolm blamed
white racists, soon after this his mother was committed to a mental
hospital. Malcolm spent the rest of his childhood in foster homes and
during this time white school teachers discouraged him from continuing
education. In 1941 he moved to Boston, he became involved in criminal
activities and in 1946 he was sent to prison and during this time he
became a Muslim and joined the nation of Islam where he became a
predominant figure. Martin Luther King was born in Georgia and had a
more settled childhood, King's father and grandfather were both
Baptist preachers involved in the civil rights movement. As a student
he became interested in Ghandi's belief in passive resistance and
believed these tactics could be used in the American civil rights
movement. King became a Baptist minister and preached tolerance of all
ethnic groups and different religious groups. The upbringing of King
meant that he had less hatred towards whites and perhaps this explains
his beliefs in peaceful protests.

Malcolm X's aim was to create a Black state in Ameri...

... middle of paper ...

...creased rights for
black Americans and whilst Malcolm X preached violence to scare whites
into granting constitutional rights. King wanted to achieve his aims
through non-violence but his actions encouraged violence by white
Americans. Malcolm X believed that black Americans should help each
other rather than relying on whites, this idea of self-help and
economically developing local areas was prominent in Malcolm Xs time
at the Nation of Islam, after leaving the Nation of Islam Malcolm X
denounced the idea of all whites being devils and recognised that
there were many liberal whites who actively supported the black civil
rights movement. Malcolm X also recognised, after leaving the Nation
of Islam, that the actions king and others had taken in pursuit of
civil rights through non-violent action had made great progress.

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