Essay about Traffic Analysis

Essay about Traffic Analysis

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Steven Soderbergh directs an astounding versatile study of the U.S.
war on drugs in his film, Traffic. This is a film, which on the
surface, looks like its main theme is the controlling of drug
trafficking between the U.S. and Mexico. Indeed this is so but there
is also a lot more to the film than just the trafficking of drugs. It
is about the corruption of the government, law enforcement, and most
importantly the corruption of family. Heartless violence, ambition,
greed, hypocrisy, deceit and the ugly results of drug addiction all
make their expected appearance in powerful ways. Michael Douglas plays
Judge Robert Wakefield who was assigned a new appointment as a drug
czar in attempt to capture the major drug dealers and overlords. As
the film progresses, you realize that Wakefield did not only have to
worry about the drug problems between the U.S. and Mexico, but he had
to deal with his sixteen year old daughter and her addiction to
heroine. As a figure in society that is against the existence of
drugs, it is almost ironic that his little daughter is sitting at home
free-basing heroin and crack. Wakefield begins to realize that he not
only has to agonize about the problems and well being of society, but
he has to devote time and energy into elucidating that his daughter's
actions are unacceptable.

The Mexican police officers Javier Rodriguez (Benicio Del Toro) and
Manolo Sanchez (Jacob Vargas), borrow the essence of dishonesty from
their real life reputation. The film clearly shows the differences
between how the Mexican officials act towards their criminals, and how
the American officials behave with their criminals. Corruption i...

... middle of paper ... so much on everybody else's problems and starts dealing
with what should have been his priority from the start, which is
looking out in the best interest of his daughter. In the beginning of
the film, the distance and lack of relationship was very noticeable
between Caroline and her family. In the end, you see how she bonded
with her parents and began to pick up on her path that she left off
with before she started the drug abuse. Neglect is the main reason
children join gangs and do drugs. They need a sense of comfort and
attention. Caroline was a perfect example of how drugs exist in all
types of families. Rich, poor, American, Hispanic, it doesn't matter.
Drugs are everywhere and there will always be a demand in the Western
world for any kind of mind (and body) altering substance by people
from all walks of life!

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