Commercialization of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

Commercialization of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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Commercialization of Genetically Modified Foods

Following a for year investigation into the effects of genetically
modified crops on the environment, it was found that 2 out of 3 types
of genetically modified crops tested were more harmful to the
environment. Plus, the only genetically modified crop to be less
harmful to the environment was compared to crops that were sprayed
with the now illegal herbicide, atrazine. So many experts have
dismissed those results until tests with a suitable alternative have
been made. After this research, it is believed the Government will
wait until after the next election before making any decisions on
commercialisation of genetically modified crops.

--Based on an article from The Daily Telegraph on 17th October 2003 by
Robert Uhlig

The debate over whether genetically modified crops should or should
not be commercialised in the United Kingdom is a subject which is
being highly publicised at the moment. I will therefore go through all
the key areas of this debate considering both the for and against
arguments. In this essay, I will mainly consider the area that has
been most widely tested which is how genetically modified crops affect
the environment. Next to be considered will be the areas of whether
genetically modified crops pose a health risk or not, how the crops
affect the farmers that use them, followed by is there a market out
there for the crops if they were commercialised. After this I will
conclude by presenting the case that genetically modified crops should
not be commercialised before further research has been conducted.

The only area that has really been researched is the affec...

... middle of paper ...

...lly modified
crops were commercialised then they should be clearly marked so that
consumers can make their own decisions about which they buy.


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