Discussion of An Autocratic System of Government Essay

Discussion of An Autocratic System of Government Essay

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Discussion of An Autocratic System of Government

Whilst the distinction of autocracy stands firmly up against its
co-stars; -democracy, theocracy, monarchy and many others, the
autocratic system of government has had the burden as well of standing
up for itself from its many eye-brow raising critics. This happens
arguably more so often than others simply because the prevailing
qualities of autocracy are constantly being overshadowed by its
apparent flaws and disapproval of political thinkers. As with the many
other forms of government, the never ending debate of pros and cons
seems endless, yet it is still evident that there is a strong sense
that autocracy has no place in this day of age. There are many
perspectives and angles as to why one state would choose one or the
other as their form of rule because this directly relates to the
countries' history, social and economic growth. People do not have
time to inspect these details thus having already developed a basic
schema of thought with regards to autocracy. With dictatorships, or an
autocratic government, the average person in our present society may
only understand them as bad things. But it is in this view that I will
attempt to give a clearer understanding of what autocracy is and how
it is interpreted in its applications in comparison to other forms of

There are many branches to the definition of autocracy. Terms such as
tyranny and despotism are essentially similar. Dissecting 'autocracy'
even further, you would also encounter authoritarianism and
totalitarianism. But in essence, autocracy is invested in the
interests of the countries' ruler and not of those...

... middle of paper ...

... states but as well as a clearer
understanding of autocracy and its interpretations.


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