Conformation of School Children Essay

Conformation of School Children Essay

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Conformation of School Children

. A. The article 'School bars over nose stud' presents two very
different attitudes towards teenage rights. It describes a
fourteen-year-old girl, Tara Le Santo, who pierced her nose with her
father's support, and is now being suspended from school until she
removes her stud.

While Tara's father is quoted as 'making a stand against all this old
fashioned crap', the article also features a letter, which expresses a
much contrasting opinion that 'the time that a British headmaster
concedes any 'rights' to fourteen-year-olds would be the time to
emigrate.' This shows that the letter's author would be arguing his
point over any article to do with teenage rights in general, and that
it is not specifically aimed at Tara Le Santo and her father. Yet, the
author does comment that he believes Tara's methods of dealing with
the situation were wrong, claiming that she has 'whinged' rather than
doing the 'sensible thing' of claiming that the Le Santos 'were a
famous old family from Bengal'. This gives us the impression that the
author has no specific objection towards nose piercing, and that it is
only the concept that teenagers might have rights that disturbs him.

However, Glen Le Santo's attitude towards the headmaster's methods of
dealing with the nose piercing is to insult him, as he states the
school is playing a 'power game'. He also mentions that he has let his
daughter make the decision to stay at home, stating that he will 'back
her all the way'. This suggests that Glen Le Santo believes that his
daughter is fully capable of making her own judgement upon the
situation, and that he has the obligatio...

... middle of paper ...

...chool, and their policies. The
large percentage of the statements made by Glen Le Santo are
supportive of his daughter, often using subjective criticism of the
school, as he is unable to express what is taking place without
including his emotions on the matter. Although the article does
include some statements from the headmaster explaining the school's
policies and the actions that they felt were necessary, the statements
themselves are factual unemotional pieces, which are not strong enough
to present an equal argument to Glen Le Santo.

The language used by Glen Le Santo is predominantly opinion, and as it
is his statement that fills much of the article, the result is that
the degree of bias within the article is high, unlike the factual,
informative piece written by Ungoed-Thomas on fashion-conscious

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