The Importance of the Renaissance to the Reformation in Germany Essay

The Importance of the Renaissance to the Reformation in Germany Essay

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The Importance of the Renaissance to the Reformation in Germany

The reformation was a movement that fundamentally challenged the
authority of the Roman Catholic Church. The role of the clergy was
undermined and the relationships between national countries and the
Roman Catholic Church were threatened.

The renaissance began in Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth
centuries through patronage and the flourishing society, and Rome
achieved cultural prominence. It later spread throughout Europe and
began a rediscovery of classical thoughts and influenced painters,
such as Raphael and Michelangelo, sculptors such as Donatello and
writers, such as Johann Reuchlin, Ulrich Von Hutten and Desiderius
Erasmus. The renaissance influenced the re-examination of ideas and
beliefs and created men who were willing to challenge basic beliefs of
the church. Humanism, the study of humanities, placed an emphasis on
man and his secular interests and the main influence of the
renaissance and humanism was a return to original texts. Writers such
as Reuchlin and Hutten, placed an emphasis on studying original texts
and encouraged literate men to study texts of he bible and make their
own interpretations, instead of those offered by the Roman Catholic
Church. Humanism also bought a desire for knowledge and the invention
of the printing press in c.1450 made mass publication and circulation
of literature, and notably made the translation and dissemination of
bibles possible. This meant that lay people could now read the bible,
understand it and make their own judgement upon the Catholic beliefs.

This was important to the reformation as it not only bought ...

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government, Maximilian was not successful in doing so. This was partly
due to other estates, which did not want to weaken their own power by
strengthening his. Indeed, the territorial estates claimed to have
responsibility for their subject's interests and defended their rights
and privileges.

By 1560 Europe had dramatically and fundamentally changed, the
renaissance had a tremendous impact upon the way in which men thought
and challenged beliefs. Although, Luther had expressed his opinions
and ideas about the Roman Catholic Church, Luther was not accountable
for the reformation. Without support from critical figures, such as
the princes and favourable conditions at the time, such as the
increasing nationalism in Germany, Luther's ideas would not have
caused such turmoil for the Roman Catholic Church.

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