Essay on Patient Treatment in a Hospital

Essay on Patient Treatment in a Hospital

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Patient Treatment in a Hospital The purpose of visiting a hospital was to find out how a hospital is
run and the experiences of patients who were receiving treatment
there. Interviewing a patient gave me the opportunity to develop my
own communication skills. It also allowed me to discover the pros and
cons of healthcare in a hospital and assess how I would treat patients
in the future as a doctor.

I interviewed a 29 year old man, NM, who works as an international
sales manager. His job involves lots of travelling to various
countries such as Scandinavia and Asia so he told me he enjoyed it but
it is tiring. He is single and lives alone. He was admitted in
hospital because he was suffering from an aneurism in the brain and
has been in hospital for 3 weeks. He has been in hospital before to
have an operation on his sinuses but the experience was entirely
different as he was allowed to go home after a few days. He was not
too sure about when he will be allowed to go home but has been told
that it may vary between 2 days and 2 weeks after the operation. This
was the first time that he was not able to do anything and had to lie
flat most of the time. He found the lack of independence frustrating.

He discussed the weeks leading up to being admitted into hospital. The
first time he felt pains was when he was using the cross trainer in
the gym. He felt light headed and sick. He was sweating a lot and felt
stiffness in his shoulders. The gym attendant suggested that he felt
pains because he hadn't eaten for a long while and gave him some
glucose tablets. He still fe...

... middle of paper ...

...earable as
possible and appreciated their hard work. The underlying point that
has been emphasised is that communication skills are very important
because the patient will gain some reassurance if they understand what
is wrong with them, why certain tests are being down and why they have
chosen a certain type of treatment to resolve it. I also discovered
that the patient was cared for by many different healthcare
professionals, nurses, doctors, surgeons, technicians who took the
various test also between primary care ( the GP), secondary care
(Hemel Hampstead hospital) and tertiary care (Royal free because it
has a specialist neurology department). This network of information
has to be sustained by various types of communication such as verbal
or written and is important so that patients can be treated

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