Characters, Themes, and Dramatic Techniques in Our Day Out by Willy Russell

Characters, Themes, and Dramatic Techniques in Our Day Out by Willy Russell

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Characters, Themes, and Dramatic Techniques in Our Day Out by Willy Russell

`Our Day Out` was written by Willy Russell to show people life in the
inner city of Liverpool. There are a lot of scenes which create
tension, excitement and disappointment in Our Day Out. One humorous
part is Les the lollipop man, just after Carol has explained what the
purpose of the progress class is, he replies "By Christ, I bet she's
kept busy, they're all bloody backward around here". The use of slang
"I'll keep dixie" and swearing "right, dickheads move" create a
realistic impression of the characters. Accents are also used in Our
Day Out, mainly by Carol who has a distinguishable accent… "Agh,ey
Les…". Using slang, swearing and accents creates a personal image in
the viewer's mind which will help them to understand the play better.

The play contains realistic characters, such as Briggs and Mrs Kay.
Briggs sets a strict example of a teacher, while Mrs Kay is a
completely different individual. Briggs shouts at the children, and
has no empathy for them… "Stop!Slater,walk…walk!…" This shows how
Briggs wants to retain control by issuing orders. Mrs Kay however, is
very laid back and relaxed and lets the children run amok while she
has coffee. There is a considerable difference between the
personalities of Mrs Kay and Briggs. Russell creates personality
changes in certain characters further on in the play, as we shall see
later. The author is skilful in making the audience alter their
opinions. For example, in the scene where Mrs Kay tells of the
deprivation of sweets and lemonade, we feel sorry for the children.
However we are equally appalled a...

... middle of paper ...

... the scenes, maintains the readers interest
throughout the play. The emotions brought out by the various scenes,
range from pity to shock and disappointment .

I enjoyed the play and found the humorous scenes very entertaining.
The cliff-top scene was tense and therefore exciting. When Briggs
destroyed the roll of film I was disappointed. Russell gave the
impression that Briggs was a changed man. I think he saw the
photographs as evidence of the kind of person he could be, if he chose
to be. I also think he didn't want to be reminded that he had enjoyed
the day out, and by destroying the film, he changed back to his usual
self. This also came across to the viewer, when he straightened his
tie on arriving back in the city. He had only changed for the duration
of the day out, and in fact he hadn't really changed at all.

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