Sources of Modern Day Stress and Dealing With It Essay

Sources of Modern Day Stress and Dealing With It Essay

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Sources of Modern Day Stress and Dealing With It

Psychological approaches to stress are many and varied. The simplest
psychological approaches to reducing stress are relaxation and
mediation. In general, these are effective in reducing physiological
arousal, however the effects can be short lasting unless mediation is
a regular feature of the lifestyle. Stress involves each person's
different perception and assessment of external events and internal
thoughts and anxieties. So, the most effective strategies for
permanently changing reactions to stressors involve changing
perceptions as well as coping techniques. They call these
cognitive-behavioural approaches. Kobasa (1986) is a good example of
this. Kobasa said people who are psychologically more hardy find it
easier to cope with stress. She thought it might be possible to train
people to be more hardy. She made up a programme consisting of three
techniques. Focusing, the individual is trained to identify signs of
stress such as muscle tension and increased heart-rate, they can then
recognize sources of stress. Reconstructing stressful situations, the
individual is helped to analyse a recent stressful situation,
concentrating on ways it could have come out better and ways it could
have turned out worse. Doing this means they would become aware of
things that could actually have been worse and allows you to be more
positive. The last technique is Compensating through self-improvement.
The individual is encouraged to take on challenges they can cope with.
If you are affected by a stressor that cannot be changed or avoided
then it is helpful to take on another challenge that can be m...

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Librium. They promote GABA, the body's natural relief of anxiety
relief which reduces serotonin levels, which will in turn reduce
arousal. Although, they are very effective and used by millions of
people, they also have some of unwanted side effects. They often have
sedative effects, and can make people feel drowsy. They can also cause
cognitive and memory impairments, they sometimes lead to feelings of
depression. Also, many people become dependent on benzodiazepines, and
find it very hard to stop taking them. Sudden removal of
benzodiazepines can lead to a return of the initial symptoms of
intense stress and anxiety.

Ants-anxiety drugs can be very effective at reducing feelings of
stress. However, they do not address the problems that are causing
stress. They help cope with stress but not to manage it.

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