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Adoption - Personal Narrative

My mother was all I had in this world. It has been two weeks and I
still refuse to believe she has gone. During my mothers last few
weeks, her face totally changed; cancer is such a terrible disease.
Why did she have to leave me to cope with all this on my own? It is so

Apparently there was a big secret that I would find out. A short while
before she passed away, my mother said that I had to read her will and
I would find out what it was. Couldn't be half as bad as she was
making it out I thought. But back then; I couldn't of even dreamt of
what was to happen to me.

I burst out crying. I was scared, hurt and felt like no one. I had
been adopted. I looked at the papers and still couldn't understand.
Why, what and when? I loved my mother with all my heart; living with
her for 14 years wasn't just a way to pass time, it was my life.
Should I even attempt to track down my biological mother? I felt
guilty even thinking it. Nervous, shocked and determined I decided
would go on a mission to find out who she was. I had to, It was very
scary. I rang all the agencies and finally got sent information on
her. They posted me " mrs.Blakes" address and I was to see her the
following week. Was I making the right decision? At that moment it
seemed to be.

I lay in bed thinking. It was weird my life had changed so much in one
week. What was going to happen now? Tomorrow was the day…I gulped and
thought about it. That night seemed to last forever.

The morning I was dreading had came. My heart was filled with mixed
emotions. Leaving the house I bit my fingernails and prayed. I looked
at the map, w...

... middle of paper ...

...but why shouldn't
she be? She is my mother after all, even if I hadn't seen her for
fourteen years.

I sat in that same sofa for six hours. Listening to a lot of
explanations and hearing a lot of stories was beginning to confuse me.
I still couldn't believe it all. My head was aching; it all felt like
far too much shock and excitement for one day. Things really didn't
seem to turn out bad though.

Well, it's been two months and I'm sitting in a boring maths lesson
writing this amazing story. Life is so different and I have had to
adjust with a lot of things. I will always miss my mother though. My
new parents are absolutely great! Whoops! Speaking of parents, here
comes my dad; I know I should be paying attention in his lessons! My
dad sure is nice but having him as a teacher- well that's another

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