Essay on The Job of a Film Director

Essay on The Job of a Film Director

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The Job of a Film Director The film director has an elaborate job, classed as an art in its own
sense. Its meticulous details and multi million dollar bills at the
end make a director's job truly an art. How they can take the
imagination and lay it on a roll of film is an array of elaborate
casting, screening etc. and requires a special skill. The general
meaning of the word director is:

· The leader of a course of action or actions

· A person who leads someone or something

In this case I shall be writing about 'Kes' a film by Ken Loach,
adapted from the book "a Kestrel for a Knave" by Barry Hines. I shall
be showing how Loach brings the book to life; not only tools such as
description and what is going on in a person's head but by the
behaviour, reaction, and environment.

A good example of this is the first scene. It shows the claustrophobic
environment in which Jud and Billy are just waking up. As we can see
there is no studio work in this scene (or in the whole film) this
gives impressive realism. As Jud wakes up and confers with Billy we
see their relationship, the two sides, towering Jud and minuscule
Billy. A simile, to giant and child. As Jud bullies him we see their
conversation is not at all pleasant it just represents Jud's bullying
to his younger brother. An icon or representation of oppression. Billy
gets up, there is no breakfast scene. No changing of clothes just the
ones he's been sleeping in. This shows the neglect of family spirit
and ties. But also shows from the beginning there is no mother figure
just Jud who is bullying,...

... middle of paper ...

...s or levels. The centre is as always Billy
whom in this case is trying to get away from the busy world. Strangely
the second level is somewhat of a relief area. The wood is the only
thing that does not look forbidding or ugly to Billy, it does not
entice him to work or to provide results but shelters him.

A kestrel for a knave was awarded in 2002 as the 19th greatest film of
all time. I believe this as a tribute to a forgotten classic, and a
under rated director internationally. The one thing that a film takes
away from a book is the personal imagination. This is one film that
has successfully interacted between the book and the imagination, and
not only making a great film but a feat the book could never do;
portray so vividly the thoughts of a child on a screen and do this
with a backdrop and environment so simple.

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