Essay on Analysis of Trainspoting

Essay on Analysis of Trainspoting

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Analysis of Trainspoting

"Make a close analysis of a film segment you have viewed and describe
the use of mise-en-scene and editing."

I have chosen to analyse a small segment of the film "Trainspotting".
The particular scene I have chosen is called "Spuds Interview" and
shows a character (Spud) attempting to appear as if he is trying to
earn the placement at a leisure facility. The catch is he is trying to
appear to be trying without actually having to get the job and
therefore work. Spud appears to be drugged and his hyper-active,
exuberant personality which does a little more than simply shine
through shows. The most important aspect of this segment is the
mise-en-scene as it is this which gives the greatest effect.

The interview is set in a simple room. The room appears unfriendly and
un-welcoming as it has cold, bare dull yellow walls and a dark blue
carpet. Throughout the interview this carpet is seen as a simile for
the sea, it is a deep blue/ turquoise. This is because during the
interview we see Spud,in effect, drown as he is digging himself into a
deeper hole by lying and trying to outsmart the interviewers.

There is an escape for Spud from the blue carpet to a thick beige
border around the edge of the icy blue, however his seat is placed on
its own in the centre of "the sea". The interviewers however are
situated at the edge of the blue carpet in a "safe zone". This "zone"
becomes apparent when we see from Spuds eye looking to them, they are
close together as if there is strength in their numbers.

The whole interview is very impersonal, however the room introduces a
powerful image, a large mural on the wall of a...

... middle of paper ...

...hat I am (straight cut) right?
(Straight cut) That I am? (Straight cut)

Interviewer: Mr. Murphy, do you mean you lied on your application?

It is clear that all of the editing used makes Spuds speech fast and
hard to keep up with. This is an excellent way of creating an image of
confusion for the viewer. We see this editing throughout the scene and
compares incredibly accurately with the character and language the
character is using.

The reason I felt this scene was as effective as it was, was because
of the clashes of social backgrounds and the humor this presents
especially as we as an audience know Spud is under the influence of
drugs. An tightly controlled scene provides an interesting analysis
with the added bonus of taking a brief look into some-ones potential,
or of course in Spuds case, the lack of it.

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