The Dangers of Military Biological Testing Essay

The Dangers of Military Biological Testing Essay

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    Abstract: Across the United States for the past half a century, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army have been releasing biological agents over the very population they are supposed to protect. Although few Americans know it, open-air biological testing of stimulants such as aspergillus fumigatus, zinc cadmium sulfide, bacillus subtilis, and serratia marcescens has been taking place over populated areas since at least 1949. Between 1949 and 1969, the military admits to having conducted 239 open-air tests over populated areas in the United States. Testing has taken place in the San Francisco Bay area, New York City, and Washington, D.C., as well as in areas such as Hampton Roads, Virginia and Panama City, Florida. These open-air tests occur without the knowledge, or the consent, of both the general population and public officials and in fact, constitute a silent but potentially deadly form of terrorism against an uninformed and unsuspecting public. At least in instances of international or radical terrorism, the general population of the United States can feel secure in the fact that there are organizations designed to bring terrorists to justice; who, however, is going to defend citizens of the U.S. from the actions of the Department of Defense?


Much of the information about the United States' policy of biological warfare still remains confidential today. Most of what is known to the public, however, was revealed at the 1977 Congressional Hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources and through the Freedom of Information Act. At the Congressional Hearings, Senators Kennedy and Schweiker questioned both military officials and non-military scientists ...

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... A Study of Proliferation. London: MacMillan, 1994.

U.S. Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources. Hearings on Examination of the Development of New Medical Technologies, Research in Disease Prevention, and General Issues in Biomedical Research in the United States. 95th Cong., 1st sess., 19, 20 July, 16 Sept, and 10 Nov 1977.

U.S. Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources. Hearings on the Examination of Serious Deficiencies in the Defense Department's Efforts to Protect the Humans Subjects of Drug Research. 95th Cong., 1st sess. 8 March and 23 May, 1977.

U.S. Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources. Hearings on Oversight of Biomedical and Behavioral Research in the United States. 95th Cong., 1st sess., 31 March and 1 April 1977.

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