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The Auteur Theory It compares the film director
to the author of a book, it attributes artistic control to the
director and proposes that the film is the artistic project of the
director primarily. His or her vision, creativity, and design
determine the end result, the finished film. Basically, it means that
if the director is an auteur, the film will be completely their ideas
and visions and they have complete control of it. I believe Danny
Boyle uses this control to make his films.

Danny Boyle was born in Manchester in 1956. He started a career in
theatre at the age of 18 and by the time he left the Royal Court
Theatre in 1987 he was the deputy director. He also did some
television direction in the 80s including Mr Wroe's Virgins and
episodes of Inspector Morse.

Shallow Grave, released in 1994, was Danny Boyle's first film. It took
30 days to film and had a budget of £1,000,000. £150,000 was from
Glasgow Film Fund and the remaining £850,000 came from Channel Four.
Although the film was set in Edinburgh, the money from Glasgow meant
that a lot of the film was made there. The film's scriptwriter John
Hodge was very clear minded about how to get the film made for
"virtually nothing", for instance the majority of the film is filmed
inside a flat. Danny Boyle said the film has "fascinating character
development" but not in the "traditional" way because "audiences are
not there primarily to watch a character being drawn...they want the
excitement and speed of the journey that cinema can provide". He
described the film as "intelligent en...

... middle of paper ...

...inal book,
Leonardo DiCaprio's character Richard is English. Boyle felt this
would not have worldwide appeal so he chose to make him American and
chose Leo to play him. In the film, Richard lies to his girlfriend
about sleeping with another woman and later splits up with her. The
studio tried to get Boyle to change these things but he retained his
creative control. This film is a perfect example of how he lures
audiences into his films then shocks them. This film has all elements
to make a film popular - big Hollywood star, soundtrack, adventure,
romance - but the story soon changes to a much darker one than an
average Hollywood blockbuster. There were reports of Boyle being
disrespectful to Thailandauthorities and damaging land but he made
every effort not to and he is proud of his end result, as this quote

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