Essay about Advertisements in the Media

Essay about Advertisements in the Media

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Advertisements in the Media

Advertisements are used everywhere, and they are very important to
every company or product we own. They are the very method of selling
everything, although not all adverts are the same. They differ
depending on their target audience. Target audience splits up into
three categories: social class, age and gender, although religions,
the political party which people support, and also peoples other
general interests also play a large part in advertisements. So
depending on which social class, age group etc you fit into you will
be attracted to different adverts. So the use of language, design
features and the use of different visuals are vital as are the layout
and organisation.

The language of an advert can change it completely, , and it can make
it obvious to which social class /age group/ gender the advert is
aimed at. In the Club 18-30 advert the language is very informal and
chatty, and this would make the reader feel more at ease and perhaps
help them to keep the potential buyers reading. The language uses a
lot of puns and it is very playful, especially where it says lines
like "You will need a fair bit of wedge because there's so much to do"
not only does this say how much there is to do, it also shows honesty-
admitting to the reader it's not going to be a cheap holiday. The
playfulness comes in the word "wedge", it especially makes the advert
seem informal. The whole of the copy generally in the Club 18-30
adverts is made very easy to read, for perhaps younger people who
don't want to have to read lots of what they think is boring
information, they just want to be able to read the key facts. Wh...

... middle of paper ...

...response I think that Club 18-30 is slightly over the
top. The line "you will need a fair bit of wedge" in particular is
what made the advert seem like they were trying too hard to make there
advert seem cool. I think that Forever Young really went for mature
feel which of course doesn't suit me, but I feel that the pictures and
text boxes would really catch the eye of the older generation. I think
that Super Family get is just right. The picture is eye catching, and
makes me feel like I want to be there. Also they manage to not use a
heading or a logo but get the graphical side of the ad just right.

All three adverts have the same purpose which it to try to get their
reader to go to Majorca with their company, and although they are all
trying to do the same thing they all have very different ways of
trying to do it.

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