Essay about Comparison of Two Pieces of Media

Essay about Comparison of Two Pieces of Media

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Comparison of Two Pieces of Media


Dr Harold Shipman, a previously trusted family doctor, was found
guilty of murdering 15 of his patients, in February 2000. 'The
Guardian' newspaper and the 'Panorama' television show both made
in-depth reports of these atrocities. Both contained the same
information and had the same purpose, but they are presented in
completely different ways, and are intended for different audiences.

In this essay I am going to compare the different presentational
devices used and describe their effectiveness.

Paragraph 1

The two different reports on Dr Harold Shipman contain roughly the
same information, but they have presented the information that would
apply to their target audience. They have also gone into more detail
about parts of the case that they feel are important. The way that
their reports were presented depended on the type of media they used.
The newspaper, because it had limited space, had to make their report
short and to the point, only including the most important information.

The 'Panorama' documentary included interviews with the families of
the victims, friends of Shipman and even a patient who escaped his
wrath. The newspaper contained a few interviews, but because it was
written, it couldn't have the same effect as the interviews in the
documentary. The interviews in 'Panorama' were much more convincing
than the ones in the newspaper. The interviews take up less space in a
television show than in a newspaper, so most of the time, the
newspaper will only include the most important parts of the interview,
or maybe even sometimes miss out parts of the interview to...

... middle of paper ... to
have murdered his victims. There are also interviews with the family
members of the deceased, and with friends and colleagues of Shipman.
The voiceover in the program provides all the important information;
he provides all the information in the newspaper article and more. I
think what let the article down, is that it concentrated mainly on the
final trial of Shipman. It didn't include much useful information
about the murders. Even if the article was written by writers for 'The
Sun' and was featured in that paper though, I still think that the
television show would have been more effective. Television appeals to
a huge audience of people, it's a part of people's lives. Newspapers
such as 'The Guardian' are becoming a thing of the past, and are being
wiped out by tabloids, magazines, television, and the Internet.

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