Essay about Shakespeare's Creation of a Sense of Climax in Macbeth

Essay about Shakespeare's Creation of a Sense of Climax in Macbeth

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Shakespeare's Creation of a Sense of Climax in Macbeth

William Shakespeare wrote four great tragedies, the last of which was
written in 1606 and titled Macbeth. In writing Macbeth, Shakespeare
creates a sense of climax in Macbeth in many ways and these helped to
make the story last long in reader's memory. They are: The pace of the
scenes which rise the speed of the story; the increasing eruption of
supernatural through the play, it works as a foreshadowing which makes
the climax in the highest point; the increasing curiosity as to
Macbeth's possible fate, these sense of fate and inevitability rise up
the climax; the psychological collapse of Lady Macbeth; the build up
of rhetoric to great soliloquy in the play are used to lead the
readers to the think before the climax and give them a sense of it;
and lastly, the tension created by the advancing army, it sparks off a
tension to the readers to reach the excitement.

Climax is the point of final decision which will determine the outcome
for good or bad, success or not. In this play, we can found there were
many minor climaxes. Such as Act 3 scene 4 (the banquet scene),
Macbeth has offered his guilt for all the people after he saw the
ghost of Banquo which make him to the tragic end. In my opinion, the
major climax was the moment that Macduff reveals to Macbeth that he is
not woman born in Act 5 scene 8. While Macduff reveals to Macbeth that
he is not of woman born, the readers must shocked as they mostly think
that Macbeth would not be defeated by anyone according to the witches.
The sudden expose in the scene make the readers reach to the climax,
and the sudden expose was made by the...

... middle of paper ...

...imax is about to begin. The
fight between the young Siward and Macbeth not allowed the reader to
take a breath. On the other hand, if the prophecies are real, Macbeth
should not defeated by Macduff. Many questions hang in the reader's
mind, at this moment, the climax came. In other words, Shakespeare
creates the sense of climax by the questions with no answer and the
sudden growing speed made by the rapid rising actions.

From the above conclusion, Shakespeare creates the climax in different
ways which helped to keep the audience focusing in the plot. In the
climax, Macbeth can give up or go on, and this will be the final
decision of his life. Climax works as the most important part of one
play which makes the play last for long. Shakespeare did well in this
part so that's why today we are still studying his products.

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