Mao's Success with Domestic Policies Essay example

Mao's Success with Domestic Policies Essay example

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Mao's Success with Domestic Policies

After Mao had defeated the Nationalists he was aware of the
instability of communism in china. He aimed of stabilizing china by
dividing it into six main regions also called the Organic Law of 1949,
each was governed by a Bureau including four major officials :
Chairman, party secretary, military commander and political commissar.
The last two officials were members of the PLA, which effectively left
china under army control but also Mao hoped that through these actions
he would be able to stabilize communist China. Nevertheless, Mao had
to adopt force in order to control china. Since Mao had send his
officials also in regions in which communism was not welcome. After
one year fighting Mao's aims were fulfilled, but the price given for
it was high.

Marriage reform law paragraph

During the early 1950's Mao wanted to divide land which were owned by
the Landlords to his peasants. Again the price paid in order to fulfil
the Agrarian reform Law was very high, because of the hatred between
the working class and the landlords over one million landlords were
killed, and their land was divided to the working class. The amount of
land received varied with the location of the land. The land given to
the peasants was used for two main things: Planting of food which was
used by the individual and a percentage of the harvest was given away
to the CCP. Mao's aim was fulfilled, since the land was divided up
between the peasants and some of the harvest was given to the party,
still over one million landlords were killed, only a little number was
allowed to keep on living.

During 1950 Mao saw that Co...

... middle of paper ...

...ide wished to
continue hostilities. The Nehru government also decided to assimilate
several territories that they saw as a source of espionage and
re-supply to potential enemies. Many Indians still regard the
territorial acquisitions as an illegal occupation, and for this reason
proposals to formalize the border at the line of actual control have
proven impossible to implement. However, neither the Indian nor the
Chinese government appear very interested in disturbing the status
quo, and the disputed boundary, called by Indians the Line of Actual
Control is not considered a major flashpoint. Military commissions
from India and China meet regularly in the capitals of both countries
to discuss the status of the border.

Sino Soviet Split (p.24)

PLA in Cambolia 1975

Hong Kong

Maariage reform law success

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