The Nazi Regime Betrayed its Greatest Original Supporters Essay examples

The Nazi Regime Betrayed its Greatest Original Supporters Essay examples

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The Nazi Regime Betrayed its Greatest Original Supporters

The statement 'For all its rhetoric favouring the petty bourgeoisie,
the Nazi regime betrayed its greatest original supporters', has two
sides and cannot be taken at face value. The usage of the word
'betrayed' requires strong actions on the part of the Nazis to justify
this, yet this is not necessarily true. Policies created by Gottfried
Feder and Otto Wagener, such as the Law to Protect Retail Trade, were
popular amongst the Mittelstand and many small business benefited from
the economic relief. Others, however, were not so popular. Although
some small farmers benefited from The Reich Entailed Farm Law, it also
meant that the majority of farmers wanting to modernise their farms
were unable to gain credit.

The Law to Protect Retail Trade set up in 1933 by Gottfried Feder and
Otto Wagener involved placing special taxes on large stores and
banning new department stores. The Reich Minister of Economics summed
up the policy as 'putting a curb on the development of department
stores but not allowing them to collapse'. The result of the special
taxes imposed on department stores was that in 1938, the turnover of
retail trade as a whole had reached 93.7% of the record result of 1928
that of department stores was only 70.1%. Smaller businesses, artisans
and family-owned businesses benefited from this economic relief, and,
in theory, gave them a chance to trade without the threat of big
business. There was a large expansion of retail businesses after this
slump. The Law for the Protection of Retail Business was introduced 12
May 1933 meant that an official permit was required to esta...

... middle of paper ...

... long since turned away from the system and
would welcome its fall'. Small tradesmen felt that there was a breach
of trust from the Nazi government and that certain actions such as the
diversion of much needed raw materials to the Wehrwirtschaft
industries. Credit and loans were in short supply and the government
was using these loans for rearmament and autarky. Imports were also
used for Wehrwirtschaft. Other tradesmen benefited from such
initiatives such as the Law to Protect Retail Trade, as the threat of
big business was reduced. Overall, the statement ' For all its
rhetoric favouring the petty bourgeoisie the Nazi regime betrayed its
greatest original supporters' has two sides with a divide between the
groups of small businesses who felt betrayed by the Nazi party and
others who benefited from policies introduced.

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