Essay on Meaning of Life Exposed in Riverworld

Essay on Meaning of Life Exposed in Riverworld

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Meaning of Life Exposed in Riverworld

    In the Riverworld series, Philip Jose Farmer grapples with many aspects of human nature.  The series is not about the evolution of humanity, nor mankind's instinctive desire to become dominant over nature.  It is actually about spiritual reformation, and the quest to make oneself a better person.  Through the failure of Samuel Clemens' quest, the triumph of Richard Burton's journey, and the revelation of the purpose behind the creation of Riverworld, Farmer is suggesting that the key to redemption and the purpose of life is to become more ethical.


The Riverworld is a unique place.  The series begins with To Your Scattered Bodies Go, in which all of humanity is resurrected along the banks of a seemingly endless river.  The pattern of resurrection is random, therefore characters are taken out of their familiar settings and placed in a completely alien environment.   Naturally, there is a great deal of confusion and panic as every sentient human being who has ever existed on earth awakens to find themselves on a different planet, and not in heaven or hell. Eventually, this initial commotion is replaced by a phase of settlement, during which the people of Riverworld begin to become more familiar with the many fascinating aspects of the planet.  They soon learn that all of their needs are provided for them, including food, clothing, and in some cases shelter. 


An important feature of Riverworld that Farmer establishes in To Your Scattered Bodies Go is the elimination of death.  By this, Farmer is laying the framework for his suggestion that without anticipation of death, or fear of non-existence, mankind has no incentive to reform.  An example of Farmer'...

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