The Religious Conflict in South Asia Essay

The Religious Conflict in South Asia Essay

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The Religious Conflict in South Asia

It is a misconception to believe that there has always been conflict
between Muslims and Hindu's. At one time, Muslims and Hindus would
live together in peace even worshiping in the same building, a purely
harmonious relationship. However the peace was not to last. In modern
times the conflict it could be said is inevitable. In this essay I
hope to look at the issues of conflict in South Asia focusing on India
and in particular the continuing Hindu-Muslim tensions, and look at
possible reasons for the continuing conflict which appears to have
escalated since the withdrawal of British Rule from India.

Multiple events had shaped the Indian subcontinent with regards to
Hindu and Muslim relations. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
the Mughal rule over the Indian subcontinent witnessed Hindus and
Muslims living in relative harmony. The Hindu and Islam culture could
not have been more different, with their contrasting notions, of God,
of life after death, of food, of marriage, of morality, of almost
everything. Yet they lived and survived together for many years, often
in genuine harmony. This occurred for each community was aware of the
others differences, aware of the boundaries that existed between them,
but acknowledged that they needed each other to survive.

At the time of the sixteenth century although the Muslims may have
been the

'politically dominant force of the South Asia… The Hindu sense of
hierarchy placed Muslims at the bottom of the caste system, as
mlechcha, as ritually dirty and alien outsiders'


The Indian subcontinent world had become a define...

... middle of paper ...

..., with the holocaust, the carnage, the rapes, and the mindless
acts of violence that people who had lived together in relative
harmony for centuries, committed against each other all in the name of
religion. Still this causes conflict. Since 1947 Pakistan and India
are sworn enemies, not only have they fought three major wars against
each other, but also both countries more recently talk carelessly
about their nuclear capabilities and continue their militant
aggression against each other across the still disputed Kashmir


I believe like the film 'Earth' by Seepa Mehta (1998) based upon the
book 'Cracking India', along with the continuing inevitable conflict
between Hinduism and Islamic believers demonstrate to all irrespective
of religion, why unnecessary war is waged and why friends turn

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