Essay about Miracles and Christianity

Essay about Miracles and Christianity

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Miracles and Christianity

In society today, the word miracle is commonly used to describe
unexpected and surprising events: it was a miracle that I passed the
exam, however, when it is used in a religious sense, it generally has
the extra meaning of being "an act of god". In the Bible, one can find
many examples of miracles, but the central miraculous event is the
claim that Jesus rose from the dead after his crucifixion, this was
easier to accept as the truth in the past, but now modern science and
medical advances prove that dead people do not rise again, they can be
resuscitated at the point of near death, but do not come back to life
after hours of death. Therefore, can people believe in miracles in
this modern scientific age? or are miracles a belief held by the
superstitious and credulous people of the past? And if science
discovers causes for these "events" once regarded as a miracle, does
such events conclude an intervention of God?

It is acceptable to take science as the study of the physical world
and to discuss questions about God as a separate question and it is
possible to believe in both, that miracles are acts of God, even
though there are physical explanations for how they happen. Some
people look for gaps in the knowledge of scientists and if they find
any unexplained gaps that scientists do not understand, then they
believe that this specific unexplainable knowledge is work of God.
This type of thinking, where gaps in scientific information are
plugged with religious explanation is called God-of-the-gaps thinking.
Religious people who use god-of-the-gaps thinking believe that certain
areas are out of bounds to ...

... middle of paper ...

...lanations for things and eventually in this scientific
era, God will be pushed out.

In conclusion, it is possible for Christians to believe in miracles,
even though it is more difficult to have such beliefs in this modern
scientific age. The Bible does not necessarily have to be taken as
literally as it was in the past and a deistic view means that
Christians can still believe in God. Although with science advancing
all the time will God be pushed further and further out in the future?
Christians can still regard miracles as true, because there has been
no proof, religious or scientific that indeed they do occur as an act
of God, or that they can be completely explained by Science.

"To someone who believes, a miracle Is not necessary:

To someone who does not believe, a miracle is not enough."

(Equinox 1998)

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