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The Call - Fictional Writing

"All I'm asking for is a simple, attention-seeking advertisement! If
you prefer, I can pay you a deposit straight away and once this bank
gets up and running, I'll send over the rest by cheque." By that time,
Clive Green, a thirty-eight year old bachelor, was beginning to get
slightly frustrated with his childhood friend.

"No, it's okay," shouted Carl over the roar of busy workers and
machines in his workplace. "You can pay me a lump sum later on. For
the time being I'll just make sure the billboards read: 'Empire
Banking Corporations. The world's first-class international bank with
low interest rates. Open an account before the 31st of August and
enter our grand prize-draw!' Shall I include that the first prize is a
luxury mansion in the Bahamas?"

"That'll be just fine. There's no need for too much detail, though.
Interested customers can log onto our web site." And with that, Clive
returned the handset to its base and breathed a long sigh of relief.
At last he was getting somewhere.

He got out of his chair and stepped towards a portrait, which hung on
the wall behind his desk. Directly opposite this were long, immaculate
windows; those that you would find in a recently constructed building.
They faced Big Ben in the heart of Central London. The man glared
through the deep eyes of the figure in the painting while his own,
muscular body reflected upon it. After all, if Empire did succeed, he
knew he would become a renowned bank chairman.

"I'll make it father," spoke Clive. "I promise."

It was the latest gossip throughout the country and soon to be
dispersed worldwide. Billboards, newspape...

... middle of paper ...

...d both Ray's hands together with cuffs.

"I am arresting you, Mr. Ray Atlee, under fraud section 420. You do
not have to say anything but anything you do wish to say, may be used
in court."

Ray was speechless. The dark hairs on his arms stood on end as he
swallowed hard and almost choked. His wife was sobbing on the porch,
looking helpless. Outside, Clive smirked at his rival and said smugly
to Ray, "You lost everything. I went bankrupt, too, but at least I
have a life!"

Overnight, the tabloids, broadsheets and news channels were streaming
with incorrect information as to why Atlee was charged. The bankruptcy
of two prestigious banks was so difficult to believe, it had become a
joke! Everyone kept their money securely, at home, and enormous
companies were falling downhill worldwide. "I'm sorry father. I lost."

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