America's Isolationism in the 20th Century Essay

America's Isolationism in the 20th Century Essay

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America's Isolationism in the 20th Century

Whether America followed Isolationism depends on how isolationism is
described, either pejorative or descriptive. The insulting description
could mean a complete cut off from the rest of the world, like
Tokugawa Japan did, who ceased all trade, cultural and religious
contacts with the rest of the world. The neutral description, quoted
from Thomas Jefferson in 1801,

"peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling
alliances with none"

America combined this statement with the concepts of, avoiding
permanent political and military commitments to foreign countries,
particularly in Europe; this version does not exclude military
intervention, in Latin America or Asia and included economic

America could never be fully closed to the world, America is a country
with a population made up of a multi-cultural collection of
immigrants, and America had trade links with the majority of the
world, importing and exporting raw materials or man-made goods. If
America wanted to be full isolationist it could; the large US
territory was rich in raw materials and had its own producers of foods
and other products needed to survive, they could have cut off all
trade with the rest of the world, but this was not in Americas best

In 1900 America was mainly isolationist except it still needed to
trade with the rest of the world. The Spanish - American war had ended
and America proved to be a 'world power'. This war was one of many
that were just 'temporary aberrations' from isolationism.

World War One was a 'temporary aberration'. Towards the end of the war

... middle of paper ...

...e organisations was a permanent commitment to them, directly
against isolationism.

Two smaller wars, part of the larger scale war, were in Korea and
Vietnam proved there was a complete break in America isolationism.
Vietnam was a full war with no strong interest for America, they lost
in the end.

During the 20th century America tried to maintain an isolationist
foreign policy. It experienced a few 'temporary aberrations' from
isolationism during this time as it tried to defend its interests in
Europe. The last break in Isolationism was caused by the Cold War,
starting in 1945 when America when America got fully involved with
'entangling alliances'.

The most isolationist decade would be the 1930's, when America was in
chaos and needed all concentration on internal affairs instead of
European or World ones.

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