The Representation of Females in the Media Essay

The Representation of Females in the Media Essay

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The Representation of Females in the Media

It is generally accepted that the media, primarily television, 'lags'
behind reality and current social trends (Butler and Paisley, 1980)
(Gunter, Television and Sex Role Stereotyping). However, This does not
make the way women are portrayed in the media any better. Women are
not only under-represented in the media but more importantly are
portrayed to be "half clad, half witted and needing to be rescued by
quick thinking fully clothed men" (Stereotypes, Adelson 1990). Women
are most commonly portrayed as sexual objects and housewives; whose
lives revolve around landing the right man. "When women are in the
news, their role is often trivialized. World leaders are described in
terms of their hats or dress designers" (Benedict, Virgin or Vamp,
1992). Women are portrayed as jealous and insecure, and often
neurotic. This type of unrealistic ideal portrayed in the media is
being forced upon society today, and is having serious negative
effects on the way women are being viewed and treated in society. Most
media forms are similar in the portrayal of women (for example,
television, magazines, and newspapers), however; the advertising
industry takes the stereotype of women to the edge and are branded as
being the worst mediums in the portrayal of women.

Stereotypes are conventional, oversimplified conceptions, opinions or
images. Stereotypes exist as they are of cognitive importance to
humans. It may be argued therefore, the process of stereotyping is a
necessity, so we can make sense of the world and our environment. They
allow people to do less searching when looking for evaluations of

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