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It was a dark and stormy night. The rain came down in torrents,
soaking the solitary man to the skin. He stood alone, silent, still
enveloped by the black of the night; he stood at the top of his drive
which led to his mansion.

Had the sun been glowing, this lonely man would have seen the car
parked up about half a mile from him, with its engine and lights off,
there was no cover for the car either as the man and his mansion was
surrounded by lots of fields and meandering roads.

Unaware to the man, the cars engine started but the lights didn't go
on, yet the dark restricted the man's vision so he didn't see the car
slowly crept up on him.

The car stopped and a man dressed in nothing but blacking clothing
jumped out of the passengers seat, He stared at the solitary man.

Suddenly the man's eyes snapped open. The look on his face was one of
absolute horror as if he had no recollection of his coming to this
place. He turned in a circle, taking in his surroundings and as he
did, he felt something small and sharp pierce his right leg. He ran
his hand over his calf and felt a liquid flowing out a little hole,
just like water running from a tap.

The man jumped back into his car but not before giving his gun to the
driver, then the car raced away like it was late for a very important

The blood was running so rapidly that his blue and white stripy
pyjamas were now pure red, and there was no doubt that the hired
gunman didn't want to kill the introverted man, well not straight away
he wanted the lonely man to suffer as much pain as he can before he
die's, or lose his leg.

Something made a buzzing sound close t...

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The boy stood up to talk to the ambulance men. 'Don't leave me here
with…' Her eyes turned to look at the dead man. She ran to follow the

The ambulance man thanked the pair and turned to look at the dead man.

'Let's go. Please. Please can we go? I'm scared.'

They turned towards the road and walked away, leaving the ambulance
crew treating the man. Both in stony silence as the girl reached for
the boy's hand. He acknowledged this with a smile and together they
walked away. Away from the horrors behind them.

As the Ambulance men carried the dead body into the back of the
ambulance a dark coloured car drove past, the driver and passenger
seat's where both occupied by two male's, and both of them had a very
satisfying look on their faces. Like they had done something to be
very proud of.

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