Essay on The Impact of the Central Business District on Houses

Essay on The Impact of the Central Business District on Houses

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The Impact of the Central Business District on Houses

We are aiming to find out if houses become more sparse, modern ,
larger and increase in individuality with larger surrounding land, as
we move further away from the Central Business District (CBD) We will
be noting damage to property, vandalism and factors which affect
quality of life as well as the house prices and recording the
inevitable rises as we walk along our transect line: from the tightly
packed Victorian terraces adjacent to the CBD out towards the suburban
outskirts of Hove.

A few Geographers have tried to put this urban growth pattern into

A geographical pioneer named Burgess, after studying Chicago,
illustrated a possible theory.

Burgess' Model

Burgess' theory was of a concentrically structured pattern to housing
and business structures to a city. The fact that land values are at
their peek towards the inner city and CBD and decrease out towards the
medium class housing and suburbia became the basis for his model. He
stated that towns grow outwards in a concentric fashion with old high
rise office blocks and modernised shopping centres in the centre where
the town originally started centuries ago, with rings of land use
zones forming ever increasing diametrically from, firstly, the CBD.

The next ring is often wholesale light manufacturing, containing
education facilities, museums, libraries, cinemas and general indoor
amenities. The residential areas in this zone according to Burgess
tend to be Victorian terraces and 1960's inner city re-dev...

... middle of paper ...
were becoming more popular especially with the rich) The roads are
wide, indeed cars can park on either side of the road and have enough
room for 2 fairly modest lanes. The streets feel safe with
Neighbourhood Watch stickers commonplace. Very little litter and a
pleasant atmosphere make this place ideal for a more quiet person
seeking to escape the busy town. Recreational areas, parks and
playgrounds are always nearby with relatively little traffic. Having
said this locals may inform you that the arrival of Hove rugby club 2
years ago brings slight congestion as drivers frequently use these
roads as a "rat run" from Dyke Road.

Bishops Road is a very quiet road with strong evidence of wealth in
the housing size, garden size and car numbers/ quality. My index of
decay has charted any immediate structural damage.

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