Moral and Religious Differences Between Euthanasia and Suicide Essay

Moral and Religious Differences Between Euthanasia and Suicide Essay

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Moral and Religious Differences Between Euthanasia and Suicide

The word euthanasia can be traced back to two Greek words, 'eu'
meaning well and 'thentos' meaning death. Together they mean painless
happy death.

"Euthanasia is the intentional killing by act or omission of one whose
life is deemed not worth living" David Atkinson and David Field, New
dictionary of Christian ethics and pastoral theology.

Euthanasia can be split into four categories,

Voluntary Euthanasia is the action taken at the request of an
individual who whishes to die who is incapable of doing so, or the
individual is such a case that he/she cannot request help to die but
has left instructions to do so.

Involuntary euthanasia takes place when an individual is killed to
stop and suffering. In this case of euthanasia the individual is not
asked about being killed even though the person is in a position to do

The third type of euthanasia which is non-voluntary is the killing of
someone who is not in a position to ask to die or live as for example
the individual is in a coma, he/she cannot say or be asked whether the
individual wants to live or not.

Euthanasia can be taken further and split into two more types, passive
and active. Active euthanasia is to end a life, for example by
administrating a lethal injection; passive euthanasia is the
termination of an individual's treatment.

Finally euthanasia can also be described as self administrated
euthanasia, which is to take ones life at their own accord, also known
as suicide.

Suicide is an alternative to death at the hands of someone else or is
committed for personal motives, but depend...

... middle of paper ...

... condemned anyone who asked for assisted death, as it is an offense to
human dignity, a crime against life and an attack on humanity,
Declaration of Euthanasia. For Christians especially suffering plays
an important parting their faith because Jesus suffered on a cross for
us suggesting human suffering means that it is a life lived in faith.
In the book of Job it describes Job refusing to take his life arguing
that the human race must accept suffering just as we accept happiness
and joy backed up by the Catechism "Sick or handicapped persons should
be helped to lead lives as normal as possible"

Jesus himself taught us to love thy neighbour and those who call
themselves Christians are asked to follow his examples, the problem
arises when regarding to euthanasia. Obviously stopping all suffering
and pain is important.

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