The Tones The Sun Rising and To His Coy Mistress Essay

The Tones The Sun Rising and To His Coy Mistress Essay

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The Tones The Sun Rising and To His Coy Mistress

The sun rising

John Donne (1572-1631)

I feel that this poem is written from a perspective that gives the sun
power, however it also makes the king sound of great power and
importance almost to rival the sun. I am incline to believe that the
poet would or might have been commissioned by the king to write poems,
so that fact that the king is seen as all powerful in the poem would
please him. I believe that the poem and its individual verses give a
different aura for each of themselves. The first verse is written as
the sun is rising and waking the people. The middle verse is inclining
to almost asking questions towards the sun as if it makes a nuisance
of itself, it furthermore tries to demonstrate how needed the sun is.
In the third verse it rounds off the poem by making clear-cut imagery
for the reader, again it says how the sun is both powerful and wanted
on our world.

I would like to think of the poem as an artists canvas he has begun my
painting the background and setting the tone for the unravelling aura
that will be created, by the latter more detailed and descriptive
verses; he then picks a finer brush and narrows the focal point to
almost the figure of the sun which is now predominant in the canvas
but as a body of a person set in the middle of his Hessian. Now the
tone of the painting has been set he then continues this tone by
adding a face to his figure, which now towers in the image that the
painting creates and it shows a foremost focal point that is
influential yet refined and sought after.

There are rhyming couples through-out the poem which have a stru...

... middle of paper ...

poem up and would make a stronger image.

The last two lines in the poem are the most effective in giving a
atmosphere that the sun is all powerful, this then indents in your
mind and makes you think about the poem more and perhaps read it
again, to understand it more wholly. "Shine here to us, and thou art
everywhere; this bed thy centre is, these wall my sphere." Here the
poet is saying that the sun is so powerful that it can reach his world
these wall his sphere these walls his world and the bed is his centre
this bed his middle like the planets core o the planets heart and he
is saying that the sun touches his heart.

I propose that the fundamental focus and point of the poem is to make
the reader think about how mighty the sun is and what it does to us
and that we cant get away from it and its always there.

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