Essay on Haig As a Leader

Essay on Haig As a Leader

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Haig As a Leader I think Haig was a bad leader who made many critical mistakes
during the battle of Passchendaele. From looking at the sources I can
see many bad views of Haig as a war leader, although some good views
can also be detected. In source A it is evident that Haig always
ensured that his army was well equipped by asking the War Cabinet for
more ammunition. I also know that Haig was one of the first generals
to pay attention to aerial intelligence, this was very good for
Britain as it put them at an advantage over many countries. Also from
my studies I have found out that Haig had always managed to hold enemy
advances back. It is also know that Haig had good leadership qualities
being strong willed and often ruthless. Haig was also committed when
attacking by always going out in all out attack. The reputation of
Haig and the fact that his chain of command was very much under his
control was also a factor that can be said to make Haig a good war
leader. All these reasons and the fact that Haig was also very
religious to some made Haig a good war leader. This is because he was
willing to sacrifice the lives of his men and himself for the cause in
which he believed in. however there are many factors that may make
Haig a bad war leader. For example source b, an extract from an
account of the battle of Passchendaele published in 1931 and written
by General Gough. This is a primary source as general Gough was a
British general during the battle. The source tells of how Haig
ignored the advice from others, including knowledgeable commanders. ...

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...ater goes on to say about Haig and the Battle of
Passchendaele. "A weaker man might have given in but then the outcome
would have been unimaginable". This shows that not everyone agrees
with Lloyd George's view that Passchendaele was a senseless campaign.
Dr Gerard De Groot also says, "Some have suggested that is another man
had been in charge they could have saved thousands of lives. I simply
don't think this would have been the case". Many other historians have
also echoed this feeling about Haig and Passchendaele and its worth as
a whole.

Overall most of the sources agree with Lloyd George that Passchendaele
was a senseless campaign. The fact that one of these sources was also
from generals also involved in the war also supports Lloyd George and
his view that the Battle of Passchendaele was 'A senseless campaign'.

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