Contributions of Feminist Sociologists to the Study of Family Life Essay

Contributions of Feminist Sociologists to the Study of Family Life Essay

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Contributions of Feminist Sociologists to the Study of Family Life

What Is Feminism?

"In my heart, I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist
or a masochist." - Gloria Steinem

There are three types of feminism - Marxist, Radical and Liberal. All
feminists believe in gender socialization, although they all blame
different groups of people for women being treated the way they do.
Marxist feminists blame society or capitalism, radical feminists blame
men, and liberal feminists blame nobody; they just want equal
opportunities for women.

Marxist Feminists.

"We still live in a world in which a significant fraction of people,
including women, believe that a woman belongs and wants to belong
exclusively in the home." - Rosalyn Sussman

Marxist feminists believe that women are oppressed by society and are
being used to help capitalism. Capitalism is a system that helps the
rich people stay rich, and the poor people stay poor. This is done by
rich people handing down valuable possessions where as the poor people
have nothing of value to pass on to the next generation.

Engels said the nuclear family is like an institution - the women are
expected to stay at home and do housework whilst the men go out to

Veronica Beechey argues that women, as housewives, perform two key
functions for capitalism by staying at home. By doing so, she believes
women provide free care for current and future workers by looking
after her husband and children. This helps the capitalist system
because if the workers are in good health they can work harder and for
longer hours. The second key function housewives provide is by ac...

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... to talk about domestic violence against men, and
the fact that mothers also abuse their children. This is another big
criticism of the nuclear family, although domestic violence against
men is hardly ever talked about. This is because men fear they will be
laughed at as it is seen in society that they are strong enough to
fight back and control a woman.

The fact that mothers also abuse their children is not talked about
much either. This is because the mother is always seen as a caring and
loving stable figure that you can go to and talk about anything.

On the whole, feminists have contributed quite a lot to the study of
family life as they have bought to light the domestic violence and
child abuse issues, as well as the fact that even though women do the
same amount of work as men, they get paid less than men do.

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