Investigating McDonald's Essay

Investigating McDonald's Essay

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Investigating McDonald's

The purpose of this report is to show my understanding of why
McDonald's adopted franchising.

In the report I am going to explain franchise and explain its legal
framework. Also the amount of control McDonalds actually has over the
McDonald's outlets and where the outlets should be located. I will
also evaluate if original decision to franchise was the correct one.

My report will include:

v where my information comes from and why;

v an introduction that will give a brief history of McDonalds and some
of the characteristics of the company i.e. aims and objectives;

v I will explain what a franchise is and their advantages and
disadvantages as well as how they operate;

v the agreement of franchise and what problems the franchiser might
have with the franchisee with things like freedom and control, and

v a conclusion of if I think McDonalds choice was successful and if I
think it could be improved.

Research and Sources of Information.

When gathering my information for this report I will research in
different areas. I will by looking in books, on the Internet at the
McDonald's site, asking my teacher and from their student handbook. I
will need to go to the McDonalds web page because I need to find out
about their history, their aims and objectives, how they control and
manage their franchises and general information about the running and
franchising of McDonalds Restaurants Ltd. The information I am
gathering is needed to base my report on.

The advantages of using the McDonald's web pages is that they have
extensive information about the franchising of McDonald's but the

... middle of paper ...

...enviable locations including 341 oxford street

In 1974, McDonald's opened its first restaurant in the UK. Today, more
than 2.5 million people in this country place their trust in
McDonald's every day - trusting the Company to provide them with food
of a high standard, quick service and value for money.


The size of McDonalds has increased rapidly since it first became a
franchise. Where ever you go theres bound to be a McDonalds outlet
round the corner. McDonalds has no spread around the world and can
found anywhere busy. The number of outlets in the number of outlets in
the country was growing but is now slowing down and a lot of McDonalds
restaurants in the big cities are being closed down. Most of the
McDonalds outlets are franchises now. In the world there are 28,707
McDonalds outlets excluding

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