Travel Writing is a Fictionalised Account of a Journey of Self Discovery

Travel Writing is a Fictionalised Account of a Journey of Self Discovery

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Travel Writing is a Fictionalised Account of a Journey of Self Discovery

"Travel is the best education that a man can have. There are things
you learn in a few months of third world travel that you won't get on
a job or in a classroom."

Craig D. Guillot BootsnAll Photojournalist[1]

The above quote was taken from a travel website, it was made by a
photojournalist of the site and sums up the theory I have on travel
writing. This essay will set out to prove that although there are
those pieces of travel literature that have dubious factual relevance
and foundation, notably the works of Ernest Hemmingway could be put
into this group, Ernest Hemingway was one of the world's ultimate
Literary Travellers. He was a writer that we associate with many
places around the globe. When we think of Hemingway we might think of
Paris and The Sun Also Rises or Spain and For Whom the Bell Tolls, or
Italy and A Farewell to Arms. Maybe we see him on Kilimanjaro or in
Cuba or maybe as a young man in the northern woods of Michigan. Some
great literature legends have written travel books, Mark Twain was a
great traveller and he wrote A Tramp Abroad and The Innocents Abroad,
which both have been labelled travel books, Robert Louis Stevenson
also wrote books concerning travel, Stevenson's first
regularly-published book is a graceful account of a canoe-trip he had
made in 1876 in Belgium and Northern France with Sir Walter Grindlay
Simpson. Even political extremist Che Guevara wrote a travel book
entitled The Motorcycle Dairies: A Journey Around South America

The bulk of travel writers that I have read seem to be using their
experiences in life to de...

... middle of paper ...

...SLAND 1995, A



Stevenson,R. l. An Inland Voyage London, C. Kegan Paul, 1878.






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