Friar Lawrence's Responsibility For the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet Essay

Friar Lawrence's Responsibility For the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Friar Lawrence's Responsibility For the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet
Friar Lawrence plays a contradictive part throughout the entire play
as he shows many differentials within his personality as he seems like
quite a genuine person at the beginning of his role in the play as he
makes a soliloquy about plants and flowers and he is out collecting
herbs when we are first introduced to Friar Lawrence in Act 2 Scene 3.
The soliloquy also goes into detail about remedies and healing powers
"Poison hath residence, and medicine power" and from this it becomes
clear that the Friar is a genuine, intelligent Friar and that he has a
healing instinct. "Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied, and
vice sometime's by action dignified. Within the infant rind of this
weak flower poison hath residence, and medicine power" in this
quotation the Friar has compared people to flowers, which exposes a
lot of the Friars spiritual side.

This all changes when the Friar decides to unite Romeo and Juliet in
marriage, he believes that this will also end the ongoing vendetta
between their two families. He believe that he can play God by trying
to change destiny but going ahead with the wedding proved a bad
decision for the Friar but the phrase "These violent delights have
violent ends" turns out to be a correct statement and one of the many
hints of death and tragedy throughout the play. The Egotistical
attitude of the Friar seems to have caused more grief than any kind of
comfort but he develops another idea which now shows quite a selfish
part of his personality as he now wants to extricate Juliet from this
entire problem by givi...

... middle of paper ...

uniting the two families that had been enemies for many years but at
the expense of Romeo and Juliet themselves, which is not what he, had
intended. When Friar Lawrence decided to confess his actions to the
prince he showed true qualities of a Friar as he held nothing back and
told everything he had done to lead to such a to such a tragedy, and
he even admitted that he needed to be punished "Miscarried by my
fault, let my old life be sacrific'd, some hour before his time, unto
the rigour of severest law."(Act 5 Scene 3). The friar seemed to get
let off easily as he is pardoned by the Prince in a very forgiving
manner "We still have known thee for a holy man" of course this is not
the case as the friars real punishment is the fact that he has to live
with the consequences of what he has done for the rest of his life.

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